Farewell - for all of us

Text by Anna Lipnenko, 15/01/20
Anastasiia Aleksandrenko, "Farewell"
Please meet another visual artist. Having caught the public eye, Anastasiia Aleksandrenko never actually stopped. Everything interests her: from gallery exhibitions to digital art. She always uses different tools in a harmonious way.

This canvas became a mix of techniques: watercolor, pastel, markers. The name of the canvas is "Farewell". The title refers to the power of goodbye and the endless pain of loss. Anastasiia used a non-classic format of the canvas to show us the power of a long way during people's farewell. A long line consists of a mix of colors.

A very clear principle lies in the heart of Anastasiia's work: there is no piece without a message. Here we see the message very clearly. All the colours are deep and mixed simultaneously in a strange way. It helps to see the depth through the chaotic order of lines.

Moreover, it is actually abundance and overproduction that provoke people's issues. For the artist the aversion to compromise, excessive tension and thirst for self-destruction make up the DNA of the modern world.